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Human Edge Marketing (HEM)

Coaching founders & heart-led businesses to turn on their light and find community, clarity and true North in their marketing.

Featured points

  • Bespoke marketing coaching for your brand, helping you to…
  • Tell your brand story – your ‘why’, positioning, values and purpose.
  • Break through your barriers to success – from procrastination to self-doubt. Helping you to show up for your brand.
  • Gain absolute clarity on your content – strategies and planning.
  • Understand and align yourself with your audience.
  • Navigate social media channels to work for you… and more.
Human Edge Marketing Brackley

Keywords:  Marketing / Marketing strategy / Social Media / Coaching / Content strategy / Brand positioning

Marketing coach in Brackley

My purpose is to help my clients feel empowered, confident, and to really OWN their marketing and how they talk.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach. No two of us are a cut and paste of another, and neither are the businesses we’ve created.

That’s why I believe in bespoke blueprints, taking the core elements that make your business unique and creating a truly personalised way to market yourself authentically through my coaching.

Whether that’s finding your ‘why’, creating a meaningful content marketing strategy, or empowering you to launch something amazing; marketing with soul, intuition and humility is my jam. ⠀⠀

With a decade of marketing strategy under my belt, I’m here to help you stop marketing from a place of doubt, duty or outright anxiety, and learn to market your business with soul.


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