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An interview with John Taylor from Taylor Vets in Brackley

I hear you’re opening a new vet practice in Brackley?

Yes we’re excited to be opening our new surgery in September – we’ll be based in North Brackley on Top Station Road. So far we’ve registered pets from Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Buckingham and Towcester, and even one or two from farther afield.

Tell us a little about yourself and how your business originated?

I qualified from Cambridge University in 2000 and became an Army vet. I was involved with looking after and training detection dogs (explosive, drugs, money etc.), but was also very closely involved with the army effort in the foot and mouth disease crisis. In 2005 I set up Mansion Hill Vets in Middleton Cheney with my wife Angela- we were lucky enough to be very popular and I absolutely loved it, but after 14 years I needed to expand the breadth and depth of my skills. I left in 2021 to work in practices across the Midlands; reconnecting with the day-to-day care of pets and improving my medical and surgical expertise was really important. Medical care is progressing so rapidly that staying current and fresh across all the species (both in medicine and surgery) takes a lot of time!
John Taylor Vet Surgery Brackley

What inspired you to start your business (again)?

I missed my old patients and clients! Being a good vet means caring about your patients like they are your own, and that means close relationships with people spanning years or even decades.
I can count many previous clients as good friends; I’ve been to their christenings and weddings, and they’ve been to mine! It’s important to be part of that community and to be someone people can rely on when they and their animals are in trouble, even if it’s the middle of the night.

I want to create a practice with traditional family values that is a part of the community and will make a real difference for pets and their owners.

John Taylor Vets Brackley

Where is your local business based? / Where does your business cover?

We’re based on the old train line behind Top Station opposite the Engine Shed in North Brackley. So far we’ve registered pets from Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Buckingham and Towcester, and even one or two from farther afield.

What is in store for the future?

Seeing the same vet and developing that relationship is important both to us and pet owners, so that will be a real focus. We’ll be providing out own out of hours services as much as we can. Aside from the usual full range of vet services I also have a special interest in orthopaedics and injuries related to exercise or working, so we’ll be offering surgery and physiotherapy to look after pets with these injuries. I sometimes meet a patient on the school run who had been crippled with cruciate ligament problems until we operated on him. To see him enjoying pain free running and jumping is a huge pleasure for me.

New Brackley Vets

How has the Brackley community received your business / services?

We’ve been blown away by the reception – our patient list is already nearly full just from people getting in touch who’ve heard we’re opening. I’m really humbled by the welcome we’ve had from the area.

What makes you different from the competition?

We want to focus on traditional values of service and care. Looking after animals in pain or distress can be difficult and emotionally demanding- it’s important pet owners can trust and communicate with the people looking after them. Juggling the various demands of welfare, time, people’s circumstances and finances is tricky – people need to feel they can call me if they need something. I don’t get everything right first time, but I will try my hardest to get it the second time. Medical care is an ongoing conversation that needs time and a solid trusting relationship.
Both Angela and I believe that reducing stress for animals is important in maintaining and restoring health. We will have in-clinic best practice procedures to reduce stress (especially for nervous dogs and anxious cats), but we’ll also have a home visit service and free cuddle clinics to keep stress levels low!

Goals for the rest of 2023?

We’re opening in September so it will be a settling in time for the new team. I have very strong feelings about ethics, responsibility and sustainability so we will be building that into everything we do.

Anything else you would like to add?

I produce a weekly newsletter about all things veterinary – not just medical topics but how things are changing and what we can do to be better. It’s available at:

We still have spaces for new patients – our pre-registration form is at:

You can find the location of our new vet practice by clicking here:

Taylor Vets Brackley

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