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An interview with Ness from Love Ness x

Creating vibrant vegan food, Vanessa makes mouth-watering meals from her Brackley based business. Currently offering frozen meal options and takeaways two evenings a week, Love Ness x will be your take out of choice after you’ve read more about her environmentally conscious business.

Tell us a little about the woman behind the business?

I’m Vanessa, or Ness, and I grew up here in Brackley. I moved back here a couple of years ago with my little girl, AKA chief taste tester, and am absolutely loving having a business based in this supportive town. I’m passionate about health and wellbeing, and changed to a plant-based, mainly wholefoods, diet when I had my daughter. I can honestly say I’ve never felt better! I’m a creative, free-spirit and express my creativity through my cooking and work. I also feed people as a way of showing my love and care. When I’m not cooking I love rock climbing, camping and starting my day with a wild river swim at 7am! In a nutshell, I simply love life and would hope that you always find me with a smile on my face

How did Love Ness x originate?

I tend to have an idea and just jump right in. I’d always wanted a vegan street food stall but was focused on other commitments. But with the uncertainty of the last year I needed a change. I am a big believer in following passions and doing a job you love. So I thought about where my talents were and what I actually enjoyed and ended up with a very short list of options! Love Ness x was born and ready to go just a few weeks after the first lightbulb moment, and I’m so glad I went for it.

In terms of diet and health, I’ve been inspired by so many things over the years… books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched, people I’ve met… but mainly my own journey and the healing I’ve experienced through changing what I eat. That has been profound and inspired me more than any-thing to share my passion for good food with others. I simply want to provide super tasty vegan meals, in the hope of opening minds to the possibilities of meat free food. I’m not about preaching, it isn’t one diet fits all. But nutrient dense veggies are never a bad place to start!

Plant Based Food Brackley
Plant Based Vegan Food Brackley

How would you describe Love Ness x?

Love Ness x is the first fully plant-based take away based here in Brackley, home-cooked, from my kitchen to your plate. We offer vibrant vegan food that even the most die hard carnivores love! Each time you order from Love Ness x you are supporting an environmentally conscious company and nourishing your body with soul food.

What does your business offer?

Love Ness x offers a takeaway service two evenings a week; pre-order and collect at your allocated time. Buddha boxes are my speciality and are served every Tuesday evening and it’s curries at the weekend. Every now and then I offer a special, and I do have an exciting event coming up. My first curry taster night! A chance to try a variety of my favourite curries at an excellent price, with a freebie thrown in from the local zero waste shop (Nothing But Footprints).

My food is always fully vegan, fully tasty, dairy free, fresh and colourful, can always be made gluten free and is ALWAYS made with love! Contact me for other dietary requirements – I know the struggle of eating out with dietary requirements and am happy to help where possible.

Vegan Food Brackley
Vegan Plant Based Food Brackley

What goals does Love Ness x have for the rest of 2021?

I’d eventually love to work with local venues to offer pop up events and think that 2021 could be a great year for this. After the year we’ve had people are keen to get out and support local, and we are also becoming far more aware of our environmental impact and the importance of looking after our health. This could be a great time to bring fresh plant-based food to Brackley. Growing my brand alongside this and getting my food to as many people as possible is my aim, to allow me to one day expand to have eat in premises.

How has the Brackley community received your products?

Please check out my Facebook page to see my lovely customer reviews. I’ve been blown away with the response my food has had! I’ve been lucky enough to have received some incredible reviews and quickly gained a following of regular customers, as well as so many word of mouth recommendations. I couldn’t be more grateful! Thanks Brackley!

Love Ness X Brackley

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Vibrant plant-based food for everyone!

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