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An interview with Sophie from Hope and Blossom Floral Designs

Creating beautiful custom artificial wreaths, hanging baskets, and home decor using forever flowers, Sophie makes designs that can last a lifetime from her Brackley based business. With outstanding customer service, you’ll want to order yourself a Hope and Blossom Floral Designs product after reading more about the incredible woman behind the business.

Tell us a little about the woman behind the business?

My name’s Sophie and I’m Brackley born and bred. I have two fur babies, Tilly and Rosie, and have just had a baby girl called Hope – hence the new rebrand to Hope and Blossom on our one year anniversary.

How did Hope and Blossom Floral Designs originate?

My business started last May when I was on furlough and created myself an artificial door wreath. I got so much amazing feedback from friends and family who then asked for me to create them one that it quickly turned into a business. Plus, no one locally was offering a similar service so I started up Hope and Blossom Floral Designs.

Brackley Flower Door Wreaths
Flower Door Wreath Brackley

How would you describe Hope and Blossom Floral Designs?

At Hope and Blossom Floral Designs, we create beautiful custom artificial wreaths, hanging baskets, and home decor using forever flowers – these beautiful creations will last a lifetime.

What does your business offer?

Here at Hope and Blossom Floral Designs, we offer seasonal wreaths and arrangements, home decor hoops, wedding arrangements, decor, hanging baskets and more! If you have an idea then get in touch with the team who can bring it to life.

Brackley Flowers
Brackley Flowers Wreaths

What goals does Hope and Blossom Floral Designs have for the rest of 2021?

I have just had a baby so plan to spend my maternity leave looking after baby Hope and wreathing. I have lots of ideas and can’t wait to watch as my business grows.

What makes Hope and Blossom Floral Designs different from the competitors?

My customer service! Having worked in customer service for 12 years, I check in with my customers at each step during the process to ensure they are satisfied. I also send photos whilst creating your custom piece to ensure that we create the perfect piece together.

Floral Door Wreath Brackley

How has the Brackley community received your products?

I have had so much support and so many orders from everyone! I honestly didn’t think my business would be so well received and receive this much support. I am scheduled for various local events over the next few months so come and check out my stall where I will be selling some wreaths and showcasing what I can make.

Hope And Blossom Brackley

Hope & Blossom Floral Designs

Beautiful custom made artificial floral creations

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