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Brackley facts and FAQs

Here at Brackley.co.uk, we are proud supporters of our wonderful town and the brilliant businesses within it.

So, whether you are trying to familiarise yourself with the local area, or just want to know more about our town and the services it offers, then this FAQ blog is perfect for you!

When was Brackley founded?

Brackley was founded back in 1086, when it first appeared as ‘Brachelai’ in the Doomsday Book of 1086.

What is the population of Brackley?

If you’re wondering how many people life in Brackley, last counted in the census of 2021, Brackley is home to approximately 16,195 people. With an estimated annual population increase of 2.1%, we expect that number to have since grown.

Where is Brackley?

Brackley is in West Northamptonshire, close to the A43 road, which now bypasses the town, linking it to Towcester and Northampton to the north-east and the M40 motorway to the west. The A422 links it to Banbury and Buckingham. Brackley’s postcode is NN13.

Where is the nearest Train Station to Brackley?

Brackley no longer has it’s own train station. The nearest train station is located 6 miles away at Kings Sutton. Banbury is a close second at 8 miles away.

How far is Brackley from Silverstone?

A trip from Brackley to Silverstone is roughly 8 miles, taking around 11 minutes by car or 25 minutes by bus, making Brackley a great place to stay for the Grand Prix or any other event at Silverstone Circuit. 

How far is Brackley from Banbury?

Banbury is 11.5 miles east of Brackley and takes 19 minutes to span the two by car.

How far is Brackley from Milton Keynes?

20 miles away or 30 minutes by car, Brackley is easily accessible from Milton Keynes.

How far is Brackley from Oxford?

Oxford is a 32-minute drive from Brackley, situated 25 miles to the south.

How far is Brackley from Northampton?

A 30-minute drive via the A43, Northampton is roughly 22 miles away from Brackley.

How far is Brackley from London?

London is 1.5 hours from Brackley via car, or 2 hours and 20 minutes using public transport.

How many men live in Brackley?

Based on the 2020 census, 49.3% of Brackley residents are male, equating to 7780 men.

How many women live in Brackley?

50.7% of people counted in the 2020 census were female, equating to 7995 women.

Local Brackley services

How many schools are in Brackley?

Brackley has 22 schools in total (nurseries, primary and secondary schools) Brackley’s four primary schools are Southfield Primary Academy, The Radstone Primary, Bracken Leas and Brackley Junior School. There is also Waynflete Instants’ School, whose pupils tend to progress to the Church of England Junior School, and Winchester House, a prep/pre-prep school for 3 to 13-year-old students. Brackley also features a comprehensive secondary school, Magdalen College School.

Where are the Doctors in Brackley?

There are two Doctors in Brackley, Springfield Surgery which is situated on Springfield Way, and the Brackley Medical Centre which can be found on Wellington Road.

Does Brackley have a local library?

Yes, Brackley’s local library is based on Manor Road. Take a look at their event calendar that caters for children, families and community groups by clicking here.

Does Brackley have a Post Office?

Located at 30 High Street, the Brackley Post Office opens at 9am from Monday to Saturday. With closing hours differing on a Saturday and Sunday, click here to check that the post office is open before making your trip into town.

Does Brackley have a hospital?

Yes, Brackley does have its own hospital. Brackley Community Hospital shares a building with the Brackley Medical Centre, occupying the top floor with 16 ensuite care beds.

Does Brackley have a Dentist?

Brackley has four dental practices – Bupa Dental Care, South Gables Dental, The Orchid Clinic and Dentalcare Brackley.

How many pubs are in Brackley?

Brackley is home to a whole host of great pubs and bars. With 25 businesses listed in our ‘Food & Drink’ category, you won’t be short of drinks and dining options. So, why not click here to take a look.

Does Brackley have a football team?

St. James Park is home to Brackley Town Football Club. Also known as the Saints, Brackley Town currently plays in the National League North, whilst its Ladies team play their matches in the Northants Women’s League.

What sports clubs are in Brackley?

Want to join a team of likeminded competitors? No problem, Brackley has a whole host of sports clubs available to choose from! Take a look at some of the sports clubs we have here in Brackley:

Brackley Cricket Club

Looking for a local Cricket Club? The Clubhouse is home to Brackley Cricket Club which currently operates two Saturday Teams, a Midweek Team, plus a Kwik Cricket and Junior Cricket Team. Click here to find out more.

Brackley Squash Club

Voted ‘Community Club of the Year’ in 2017 by Northamptonshire Sport, Brackley Squash Club has been a well-loved hub in Brackley for over 39 years. With a thriving community of over 230 members, Brackley Squash Club is always looking for new members to join. To find out more click here.

Brackley Rugby Club

Playing in the Midland Division of the Rugby Football Union League, Brackley Rugby Union Football Club has two senior sides and a number of teams in their junior section. To find out more about Brackley Rugby Club, click here.

Brackley Football Clubs

Affiliated with the Northamptonshire Football Association, Brackley Athletic Football Club is a Junior Football Club based in Brackley. Playing in three leagues, Brackley Athletic FC has an under 7s – 10s team, an under 11s – 16s team and a girls’ team. To find out more, click here.

Other Sports Clubs

Want to know how many sports clubs we have here in Brackley? There are almost too many to count! But as well as the clubs we have listed above in greater detail, Brackley is also home to a tennis club, a martial arts academy, badminton club, angling club, swimming club, and more. Know of any other Brackley sports clubs that we might have missed? Send us an email by clicking here and we will add them in.

Local Brackley businesses

How many local businesses are in Brackley?

Although it is hard to put a number on the exact amount of local businesses based in Brackley, we can tell you how many local businesses we have listed on brackley.co.uk. We hold the largest directory of Brackley businesses with X brilliant businesses listed. So, whether you are looking for a plumber, builder, gardener, or anything else in-between or beyond, brackley.co.uk has you covered. Just click here to find out more.

Does Brackley have a local magazine?

Life of Brackley magazine has been distributed for over 20 years across Brackley and it’s surrounding villages. It acts as a staple in our local community and provides news and business information each month. To take a look at the most recent edition of Life in Brackley, click here.

Where can I find a tradesperson in Brackley?

Wondering where you can find a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson in Brackley? Look no further. Here at brackley.co.uk we have over 25 businesses listed in our Building and Maintenance Services category who would be happy to help you. So, why not click here to take a look.

Where can I find a local business in Brackley?

Looking for a local business in Brackley but not sure where to start? brackley.co.uk has over X businesses listed that would be thrilled to have you as a customer. Click here to view the fantastic businesses that we have listed

Formula One

How close is Brackley to Silverstone Circuit?

Brackley is 7.8 miles away from Silverstone Circuit, which is approximately 10 minutes by car. You can also get to Silverstone by taking the 87 bus from Brackley, which departs twice daily from Winchester House and Cattle End, taking approximately 14 minutes.

Where is the Mercedes F1 team based?

Brackley has been the proud home of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team since 2010. The state-of-the-art technology centre covers an area of 60,000 square metres and has approximately 950 employees who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You can find them at: Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, Operations Centre, Brackley, Northants, NN13 7BD

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