Business Buzz - Business networking in Brackley

Business Buzz

No fuss business networking for your local community

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  • No Fuss Business Networking
  • No Membership. Buzz Is Pay-As-You-Go Networking
  • Everyone In Business From Brackley & The Surrounding Area Is Welcome To Visit
  • No Elevator Pitches Requires
  • Relaxed Conversation Focus Business Networking That Work
  • What’s Not To Like?
Business Buzz - Business networking in Brackley

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Business networking events in Brackley

Business Buzz is an established networking brand with over 40 monthly face-to-face networking events operating across the South-East, London, East Anglia & the Midlands, plus a selection of regional virtual events.

Brackley Buzz operates on 1st Thursday of each month between 10 am & 12 noon at The Paisley Pear in Brackley.

Brackley Buzz offers a relaxed environment to have genuine business conversations that lead to opportunity, collaboration & prosperity. Whether you’re an established Brackley based business or someone venturing in to the realms of running your own business, then Brackley Buzz is the place for you. Come & meet like-minded business people from your community who are keen to connect & support.

Business Buzz is no fuss networking meaning there is no membership, as our events are pay-as-you-go & accessible to all. There is no elevator pitch required & there are no lengthy speeches or seminars or training sessions, so most of the time is dedicated to building robust business relationships through the power of talking to one another. Finally, there is no professional or sector lock-out & no one-seat policy because everyone in business is welcome at Brackley Buzz.

For more information contact your Brackley Buzz host: Dominic Morrison on or your Buzz Regional Lead for Northamptonshire: James Brodie on

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