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Foxlight by Katya Balen is about twin sisters Fen and Rey who were found curled up small with a family of  foxes at the very edge of the wildlands. Fen is outgoing and boisterous, she feels drawn to foxes and is desperate to return to the wild. Her sister Rey is quieter and more nurturing and loves the birds and animals she sees around her.

The girls are motherless and  will always have each other but they do want answers. They want to know who their mother is and where she might be, how they came to be separated from her.  So when a fox appears late one night at the house, the girls see it as a sign and follow her on an odyssey in search of the answers.  Katya Balen is a Carnegie Medal Winning author and this book would probably be enjoyed by ages 8 – 12. £7.99

Against the Odds
Against the Odds, The incredible struggles of 20 Great Adventurers is written by Alastair Humphreys, himself an adventurer. He has cycled around the world, walked across southern India and around the M25 and written several books for children. In this book he tells us about 20 of the people who have inspired him the most in his life of travel and adventure.

This beautifully illustrated  book features some lesser known adventurers whose stories are none the less very exciting and perilous. Not all of them are successful in their projects but still deserve being known about for their resilience and their willingness to try and their ability to adapt to circumstances.  A book that any age will enjoy dipping in to but probably aimed at 9 – early teens.  £16.99

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