Dogs For Good

Could you care for a puppy?

Many of us know just how much dogs can make a difference, bringing joy and companionship to our lives.  But for some people, dogs actually make life possible.

Dogs for Good is a charity that expertly trains dogs to enable people living with disability, autism, dementia and other challenges to live happier, healthier, more independent lives.  These are dogs that open doors, that connect people, that bring families together. Dogs that help make everyday life possible in so many extraordinary ways.

Right now, Dogs for Good has an urgent need for more volunteers to care and nurture their young puppies and adolescent dogs on their journey to making life-changing differences for people.

Dogs for Good volunteers play an essential role in providing a loving home and all the experiences a puppy needs before their expert training begins.  In return, you become part of an amazing and supportive family who play a special part in helping to make life possible for more people.

Support and training is provided and the costs of food, vets bills and insurance are covered.  Often the biggest fear for many people is how you give the puppy up, but for most Dogs for Good volunteers, the pride and joy from hearing how the dogs you’ve cared for are making a difference, makes that transition much easier.

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