CBT Therapy with Linda Holmes

Let me help you regain control of your life

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  • 44 Tudor Way, Brackley,
    Northamptonshire NN13 6NH

Featured points

  • It’s ok not to be ok all of the time
  • My passion is to help you get past this stage
  • All is not hopeless
  • Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and wants to take control
  • Anxiety is an invisible illness but is very real
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy really works on beating what your mind is telling you to do, or how to feel
CBT Therapy In Brackley

Keywords:  CBT / Therapy / Wellbeing / Mindfulness / Anxiety / Depression

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in Brackley

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a talking therapy and teaches you how to beat what your mind is telling you. You can get your life back on track with a little help and guidance.

I am fully trained and insured and want to help you regain control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

CBT is problem focused, client centred and about the present issues and moving forward.

We all at some point in our lives need a little help to be ok again. Some problems may seem small but untreated can grow into major issues which can put life on hold. So take that first step, ask for help, make the call, I’m here to help you.

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