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Body Sense Brackley

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Hatha and Yin Yoga classes in Brackley

Hi I’m Barb. Body Sense has been in the fitness industry for over 30yrs. Starting out with keep fit classes, Swedish massage, retraining becoming a personal trainer, sports massage and injury therapist. Gym instructor. Im also a vegan nutritionist I know an awful lot about the human body. Then changing direction and finding my true vocation as a yoga teacher have been teaching for 11yrs now it has become my passion. Started with Hatha yoga then adding on Yin, I can teach from Mum and babes to children, teenagers, adults and to the elderly (chair based yoga).

I have a very hands on approach to make sure that the correct alignment in the posture is achieved. I also teach Fitness Pilates. Most of my classes are gym based but do do one to ones either in my studio or in the students house. These days it is all zoom based.

People say they can’t do yoga as they are not flexible enough. You do yoga to get flexible, strong , toned inside and out as well as mental benefits too. It’s not all about becoming bendy. It’s not so much about touching your toes it’s about the journey down there.

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