Handcrafted decorative & functional metal work for home and garden

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  • Handcrafted decorative and functional metal work
  • Unique metal work pieces for home and garden
  • Ideal for special gifts
  • Commissions welcomed
  • Ships worldwide

Keywords:  Garden Feature / Metal Sculpture / Home Decor / Garden Decor / Garden Design / Metal Art

Handcrafted metal work for home and garden

It all started about 30 years ago when I worked for a company making stainless steel and Inconel Motorsport exhaust systems at Silverstone circuit.

I experimented with the equipment and materials available to me and made a number of small desk ornaments and garden decorations for friends and family. I then started to make some pet and animal images, most of these were family and friend requests.

Fast forward to the present day, now with my own home workshop, I am able to make and do as I please. I’m still asked to make some of the metal work items from back then, the garden swirls and pet silhouettes are still popular.

With two grown up and moved out children, a much quieter house, I now have time to take on more metal work than I used to. Surprise me, what do you want or need?

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