Heather's Gorgeous Knits

Heather's Gorgeous Knits

Keep snug this winter with a gorgeous Chunky knit blanket

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  • Brackley, Northamptonshire

Featured points

  • Only chunky knit business in Brackley
  • Free delivery in Brackley
  • Variety of colours and two types of wool
  • Home decor
  • Pamper Hampers
  • Blankets
Heather's Gorgeous Knits

Keywords:  Blanket / Cushion / Baby / Home decor / Chunky knit / Teddybear

The only chunky knit business in Brackley

Hi, I am Heather,
I am a mum of two gorgeous girls and have lived in Brackley for 4 years.
I started this business in Lockdown 1 when the days and nights were rolling into one and i needed to focus my mind on something. Since then I have never looked back, I have sent out 43 products in only a few months of opening.
I look forward to your orders x

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