Wilfred And Bertie Brackley

Wilfred and Bertie

Wilfred and Bertie is an independent floral loving home interior decor company based in the Midlands UK

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  • Handmade Cushions
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  • Floral Home Accessories
  • Floral Wall Prints
  • Handmade in the UK
Wilfred And Bertie Brackley

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Handmade floral cushions and home accessories in Brackley

Here at Wilfred and Bertie we love everything floral! From Peonies to Daisies to Roses and Sunflowers, every piece is lovingly created is to celebrate flowers. All of our designs are curated in house using flowers during every section of their circle of life – from the beginning buds to the end dried results, we believe flowers are beautiful in every form. We’re here to serve all of your floral homeware needs with an added touch of luxury.

Company Owner Emily initially trained in fashion, which led to her love and appreciation for interiors and interior design. She began creating prints whilst studying at university and hasn’t stopped since! Combining two of her favourite things – interiors and flowers – Wilfred and Bertie was born.

Wondering where our name comes from? Emily shares another great love.. cats! And named the company after her first two kittens, Wilfred and Bertie, who may feature on our instagram from time to time, alongside brother and sister Ruphus and Margo!

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