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Turning your dogs struggles into strengths through the power of games! Our proven methods inspire the change you both deserve

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  • Positive, fun, enriching training
  • Proven methods that will last a life time, not a short time
  • Training that gives real-life results!
  • Building the relationship and bond between dog & owner
  • FUN! We focus on what you DO want and help you get it!
  • Training that can be done by the whole family, the more the merrier!
Inspiring Tails Brackley

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Dog training in Brackley

At inspiring tails, we believe that every dog is an individual. It’s so easy to compare your dog to others and give them labels according to their breed, age, or sex. While every breed will have certain traits, these do not define the dog themselves.

We like to look at what you WANT from your dog, rather than what you DON’T want – this helps shape your training and in turn, grow the behaviours that are important to both you and your dog.

Most importantly, through games, fun, and a passion for creating an amazing relationship between dog and owner, we will help give you the confidence and knowledge to grow a bond that will last a lifetime!

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