Services for your Pets & Animals in Brackley

Without our pets our wallets would be full, our houses would be clean but our hearts would be empty. Everything you need to spoil the fur babies in your life.

We have over 30yrs of professional dog training & behaviour experience ( Guide Dogs, Dogs For Good, Guide Dogs Toulouse, Pet dog/puppy classes ) & our own private, secure, 1.5 acre play paddock.
As Brackley gets ever bigger and with HS2 going ahead we decided that dog owners needed a place where they can let their dogs off the lead to just run. We hope it helps to stop conflict between farmers, horse riders and other unsociable dogs.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I have 2 working cocker spaniels, Ebony and Maxie who I train and compete in Dog Agility and I also have a cat called Sam. As an owner of a working breed of dog, I understand the importance of mental stimulation as much as physical and as such I am always looking at ways to engage and interact with dogs using positive games and play techniques.
RLS EQUINE & CANINE SERVICES offer a variety of services in the equine and canine industry. We specialise in training horses from riding to teaching but also offer service livery, including sales, breaking and competition. We also offer dog walking and house sitting.
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