Cotton and Cone

The home of all things knitted and crochet. We love to create pieces that will brighten up a corner of your home.

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  • Brackley, Northamptonshire

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  • Lovingly handmade
  • Female family run business
Cotton And Cone Brackley

Keywords:  Home decor / Knit / Crochet / Baby / Gifts / Brackley

Knitted and crochet gifts and home decor in Brackley

I’m a mummy to 3 and one evening in 2004 my amazing mum taught me to knit, I haven’t stopped since. We love to create pieces to brighten up a corner of your home. Home decor for all seasons, pumpkins, baskets, frames, crowns, baby knits, anything is possible when we have a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles.

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