Scent with Love by Lucy

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  • International leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customisable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul
  • Lead by Lucy on a VIP group where we build on community spirit, we play games, demo products and have so much fun
  • You don’t just but products from Scent with Love by Lucy, you are purchasing the best customer service experience ever
Scent With Love By Lucy

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Scentsy home and personal fragrance products in Brackley

We moved to a Brackley a year ago and if that wasn’t enough we decided to launch our own dog walking and pet services business. It seemed the best way to support this launch was through social media joining local community groups.

Within one of these groups a local lady posted information on a ‘Borrow Bag’ to test the Scentsy products.

I had never heard of it and thought I would give it a try, why not, no obligation to buy. I was a bit put off with the price, but as soon as I tried it, you could see it’s great value for money – Well I feel in love!!

You see having four dogs of our own and boarding dogs in our home, no matter how often I clean and air the house, their aroma always hangs about – I’m sure any other dog owner can feel my pain. I loathe the high street plug ins: artificial overpowering smells that catch at the back of your throat, you do end up going nose blind and they only seem to mask the dog pong every now and again.

Scentsy is different, the fragrances are fresh, subtle, powerful but no over-powering. The devices are beautiful too, they are so well designed, ornamental looking and not an eye sore like the high street ones. Because the wax warmers are powered by a bulb or element, they don’t get too hot so are totally safe around my dog crew.

I’ve had so many compliments about them. People can’t believe we have all these dogs and a beautiful smelling house.

Friends and visitors to our house started to ask me about what I use, so it made sense to me to join the team. I can buy my own products now and every time I get asked what I use I can introduce them to Scentsy myself.

I now have over 152 wonderful local and not so local people on my VIP shopping page where we have bonded so much and have a great community of laughter, support, bargains and games. It is not just a shopping experience but first class customer service and even a life long friendship or two.

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