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Starlight Dance Academy

Starlight and Beyond – We Will Shine Through!

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  • Starlight offers Ballet, Tap, Modern for ages 2yrs-adult now online!
  • Online class videos all password protected of Exam work, workshops, techniques, show work, routines
  • Be active, keeping normal structure, able to be flexible around new routines of life
  • Top Tips, Challenges to provide creativity, focus, progression and success
  • Feedback and connection with teachers
  • Bringing our school to you at home!
Starlight Dance Academy

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Dance school in Brackley

Starlight Dance Academy is the largest dance school in the area and has been Established for 17 years by Principal Charlotte Boardman ( LABD Bt, T, Md)

Starlight was created by Charlotte when she was 18. Over the years she has worked hard to build the school we all know and love today. Offering fantastic facilities, teaching and inspiring children with dance.

Starlight provides dance training for boys and girls in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Lyrical for ages 2yrs to adult.
Starlight provides much more than just dance. Our students gain confidence and develop skills that will stay with them for life – self-discipline, team work, creativity and self-expression. Most of our students stay with Starlight for many years and we pride ourselves on the fantastic team spirit within our dance school.
As our pupils progress, we offer many opportunities for them to showcase their talents, such as Associated Board of Dance (ABD) examinations, the bi-annual Starlight Show, Dance Festivals, teaching opportunities, large theatre shows and a number of local events. Some of our students choose to go on to study dance at college or dance with national groups, including the English National Youth Ballet. For all of our students, we focus on making dance fun and promote it as a way of staying fit and healthy for life.

Starlight and Beyond-We Will Shine Through!
We have created a new platform for Starlight which will help to ensure that we stay connected with the school we all love.
Starlight will bring you our brand-new online package to help you and your children with the aim of:

• We will use the platform Vimeo which is notable for its privacy and security but also its ability to hold lots of data.
• We we are building a large library of continually growing content matching the ABD syllabus and providing a teacher guided programme
• Videos of grade work, sequences, technique classes, warm-ups, cardio exercises, body conditioning and
flexibility sessions, top tips, resources for you at home, workshops, challenges, quizzes and social connection
throughout this period for students to watch at home and at their own leisure.
• Allowing families, the flexibility and freedom to continue their passion for dance but also work around
school lessons and new life schedules.
• It is paramount that whilst at home students maintain a physical, mental and emotional well-being.
• By staying connected through social media long-lasting friendships can continue

Please feel free to contact us so we can send you our Prospectus and answer any questions you may have. Be part of our school today.

We Will Shine Through!

Brackley Interview With Starlight Dance Academy

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