Brackley Lloyds Bank Closing

Update on Brackley’s banks

The closure of Brackley’s last remaining bank branch is causing concern for many of our residents and visitors, this might make accessing in person banking advice and assistance very difficult or inconvenient.  Brackley Town Council understands these concerns and that not everyone can access banking online or wishes to do so, or that they may have complex transactions or needs where an in-person appointment is necessary.

Brackley Town Council has agreed to apply for a permanent Brackley Banking Hub and the application is under way. The application process will take some time and there is no guarantee that Brackley will be successful. Permanent Banking Hubs are run by the Post Office to let you use services from all the major High Street banks, including cash transactions.

Meanwhile, we have been speaking with community banking advisors from several banks to arrange community banking sessions at the Brackley Town Hall office. It will be possible to access any non-cash services at these in-person appointments that you would normally do in branch, while Post Offices offer cash banking services. For information on banking services provided by the Post Office please visit:

Lloyds will be at Brackley Town Hall, Market Place, Brackley to help you on Wednesdays between 9.00am and 4.00pm from April 3rd.

HSBC UK have been trialling some dates through March and are to confirm whether this will continue. 

Barclays also hold community banking sessions, currently operating out of Sainsbury’s car park 10am-2pm every other Friday, for more information, please visit:

Samantha Hosking
Town Centre Manager
(Brackley & Towcester)
Economic Growth and Inward Investment
West Northamptonshire Council

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