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An introduction to the team behind Brackley.co.uk

Olivia Alex Crowshaw

Marketing and Promotions

Olivia Alex Crowshaw

Hi all! My name is Olivia Crowshaw, I am all things marketing on this page, from the social media, emailing and messaging ideas to Jamie at 10:30pm on a Saturday (Sorry!). I’m 19 years old, originally from Middleton Cheney but moved to Brackley just under a year ago but have had many connections in this town due to my grandparents living here and them pulling the short straw to looking after me in summer holidays.

From a young age, I knew the classic uni route was not for me, as I wanted a career as soon as I could, now I have been in marketing for three years, working with brands like Karcher and Deltic Group and recently starting my new adventure freelancing!

I have always been passionate about helping small businesses grow. Shopping locally builds people’s dreams instead of lining some CEO’s pocket. In everyday life, me and my partner are moving away from big corporations, and are now buying from local independent stores in whatever way possible. It is more time consuming of course, because consumerism has brought us supermarkets where everything is in one place. But the smiles it brings to people faces that you are supporting their venture, building their talent, is worth everything.

Sustainability is also a massive part of my life. I have always been an advocate for all things green. Recently I have also become an ambassador for Women In Sustainability, which is also where I want my next career step to be, coming home and knowing you have done something to help this planet.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help Jamie and Red with Brackley.co.uk. There are unlimited talent and opportunity in this town, that’s what makes it so beautiful.

The brains behind Brackley.co.uk

Jamie Clocherty

Designer & Head Honcho

I’m Jamie Clocherty and I run Clockwork Design Ltd, a Brackley based design studio. I’m 42 years young and if I were to describe myself I’d say that I’m down to earth, friendly, approachable and have a passion for all things creative, in particular when it comes to design projects for print and web.

I’ve been working closely within the Brackley community for over 15 years and in that time I have created branding, brochures, flyers, signage, banners, websites and much more for local enterprises, both big and small.

I’m a staunch believer in keeping things local as much as possible and that belief was the catalyst for the creation of Brackley.co.uk

Brett Redvers

Lead Developer

Hi, I’m Brett, but everyone calls me Red, and I’m the tech guy who does all the coding stuff.

I’m 43 years old and I live on the outskirts of MK so I’m not too far away from Brackley.

I’m computer obsessive, a gamer, music producer and WordPress evangelist. I only come out at night when the skies are dark and the moon is full or when supplies of jelly tots run low. Basically, self-isolation is the way I lived before lockdown so nothing much has changed for me.

I’ve worked with Clockwork for the last 5 years developing many websites for local businesses and I am excited to be an integral part of Brackley.co.uk

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