Services for your Pets & Animals in Brackley

Without our pets our wallets would be full, our houses would be clean but our hearts would be empty. Everything you need to spoil the fur babies in your life.

At Croft Vet Centre in Brackley, our aim is to provide a complete healthcare service for your pet, based upon highly motivated staff, using the most up-to-date facilities and equipment.
We have over 30yrs of professional dog training & behaviour experience ( Guide Dogs, Dogs For Good, Guide Dogs Toulouse, Pet dog/puppy classes ) & our own private, secure, 1.5 acre play paddock.
The Dog Den in Brackley offers home-from-home day care and overnight dog boarding services, treating your dog(s) as if they were our own.
Tittletails is based in and around Brackley helping you manage, prevent and solve behaviour problems. Zoe is both an accredited and registered Clinical Animal behaviourist and Dog trainer meaning she has been vetted by some of the top associations in the UK.
We offer effective pest control services to your home and business in Brackley. We believe in exploring all ethical routes of effective pest control before using chemical solutions. Sometimes chemicals provide the only solution.
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