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Reviewing ‘Horse’ at The Old Hall Bookshop

At The Old Hall Bookshop in Brackley, we host two book groups every month on the first Tuesday and Wednesday. These groups explore recently published paperbacks, with a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Whether you’re looking for book suggestions or information on starting your own group, we’re always here to help.

In our January book club sessions, we turned our attention to Geraldine Brooks’ latest work, “Horse.” Widely recognised for her compelling narrative in “Year of Wonders,” detailing the plight of villagers during the Black Death, Brooks now guides readers through the landscapes of 1850s USA and the contemporary era. The narrative unfolds with the discovery of a painting at a yard sale, triggering an exploration into the horse’s historical significance in Kentucky during the waning days of slavery.

Brooks, as she did in her exploration of Eyam, incorporates real people and horses, enriching the storyline with authenticity. The book goes beyond fiction, incorporating intriguing annotations about the actual individuals and equines featured. “Horse” weaves a tapestry of themes, seamlessly connecting racing, slavery, science, and art. Members of the group, whether possessing an affinity for horses or not, found themselves captivated by the multifaceted narrative. The story’s ability to interlace diverse topics prompted several group members to delve into Brooks’ broader literary repertoire, attesting to the author’s ability to resonate across a spectrum of interests.

Overall, the January book club discussion was marked by a shared appreciation for the engaging storytelling, the exploration of historical themes, and the genuine connections forged with the characters, making “Horse” a recommendable read for our diverse literary community.

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