The History Of Brackley’s Brewers

The history of Brackley’s brewers

At the turn of the 20th Century Brackley had two brewers located near the town hall.  Blencowe Brewery and Hopcraft and Norris. Bottles from both of these breweries are quite common and there are a few examples in the Brackley Community Museum.

Blencowe Brewery

William Blencowe & Co. were based in Northamptonshire, at Brackley. The Blencowe family were certainly brewing in Brackley by 1859, when William and Clement Blencowe were in charge, but it is not yet known when they started.   By the early 20th century, the business had descended to William Blencowe, and the company began to be called William Blencowe & Co. Ltd.) In 1925, the company was taken over by Halls Oxford Brewery.

The Band Club, situated on Draymans Walk, is located on what was the site of the Blencowe Brewery in Brackley. The cobbled path outside was used to roll barrels to the waiting drays outside the brewery’s original arch opposite the Town Hall. 

Hopcraft and Norris Brewery

Occupying the space that is now Old Brewery Walk, Hopcraft and Norris Brewery was founded 1842 by Alfred Hopcraft and registered July 1895. They had 119 tied houses.    The brewery merged with the Chesham Brewery Ltd in July 1946 to form Chesham and Brackley Breweries Ltd.  Bought by Taylor, Walker and Co Ltd in 1956 and brewing ceased 1959. 

Brackley Community Museum

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